GeyserCon Committee members 2019

GeyserCon 2019 Committee

Graces Bridges
Grace Bridges
GeyserCon Chair
Grace Bridges is a geyser hunter, cat herder, professional editor and translator, and the current president of SpecFicNZ. Her novels include space opera, Irish cyberpunk, and the Earthcore urban fantasy series based in New Zealand. She has edited and co-edited short story collections such as Te Korero Ahi Ka: To Speak of the Home Fires Burning, Alter Ego and Timegate to Tomorrow, Avenir Eclectia and Aquasynthesis I & II. Several of her works and edited collections have been shortlisted for the Sir Julius Vogel Award, and Mariah’s Prologues won Best Collection in 2018. Read an Earthcore story for free at

Immi Paterson
Immi Paterson
Immi Paterson is treasurer for Geysercon 2019, a role she previously held at SpecFicNZ after she admitted she was alright with numbers. She’s a writer, musician, film maker, and huge fan of speculative fiction. At Geysercon you’ll see her impossibly attending all panels at once, with notebook in hand.

Lee Murray
Lee Murray
Programme Director,  Youth Day Out Co-Convener
Award-winning writer and editor, Lee Murray’s job is to juggle the programming to make sure there is something to interest everyone. She’s well-placed to do this, having organised scientific conferences once upon a time in her professional life, and, more recently, she had a practice run as literary stream co-coordinator for Au Contraire III in 2016. A life member of SpecFicNZ and a long-time member of SFFANZ, she’s well-known locally for her community-building work and was awarded a Sir Julius Vogel Award for Services to Science Fiction and Fantasy in 2017. Lee’s from the Bay of Plenty (Tauranga) herself, so she’s looking forward to welcoming GeyserCon guests to the region. Lee is also co-convenor (with Piper Mejia) of the Youth Day Out being held in conjunction with the convention on Friday 31 May.

Piper Mejia
Piper Mejia
Youth Day Out Co-Convener

Piper Mejia is an advocate for New Zealand writers and literature. Her short fiction has appeared in a range of publications including; Room enough for Two in Te Korero Ahi Ka and Keen in SQ Magazine (2018). In addition to writing, Piper manages the Beyond This… and Write Off Line annual writing competitions for collections by New Zealand intermediate and secondary students. Young Writer’s Day Out at Geyer Con 2018 is the fifth day of writing workshops for young NZ writers she has run. As a child, Piper stayed up late laughing at horror films. As an adult, she spends a lot of time being disappointed by plot holes and yet somehow she has never lost her love for Science Fiction and Horror; two genres that continues to ask the question “What if …”

Jami Sands
Jamie Sands
Social Media
Jamie has been tabletop gaming since the age of fourteen, a movie, spec fic and comics fan since even earlier. Currently working on writing and publishing their own fiction The Suburban Book of the Dead!, releasing podcasts and keeping their superhero identity on the down low. Jamie would like to retire to Tokyo, preferably into the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and hopes that the world becomes a solar powered paradise rather than a climate change dystopia.

James Revell
James Revell has worked in broadcasting and stage, acting, singing and makeup. He's also been a farmer and a tour guide, and is an internationally travelled psychic and clairvoyant with experience in paranormal research. He has security clearances to work in some of the most dangerous and challenging environments in New Zealand.  
At GeyserCon James is going to be our MC and entertainer for the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as conducting interviews and helping out with various sessions.

Eileen Mueller
Eileen Mueller is a double SJV award-winning author of heart-pounding fantasy novels that will keep you turning the page. Dive into her worlds, full of magic, love, adventure and dragons! Eileen lives in New Zealand, in a cave, with four dragonets and a shape shifter, writing for young adults, children and everyone who loves adventure. She has won SpecFicNZ and NZ Society of Authors literary contests and has been a Romance Writers NZ finalist. In her spare time, Eileen has been a publicity ninja for charities, actors and authors and The Great War Exhibition. She holds a New Zealander of the Year Local Hero medal for her service to her community. Visit her website at for Eileen’s FREE books, new releases or to become a Rider of Fire!

Paul Mannering
Paul Mannering
Paul Mannering has received two Sir Julius Vogel Awards for science fiction and fantasy writing, including Best Novel for Engines of Empathy. Paul has written across genres and for all age groups,  has edited anthologies, seen dozens of short stories published and he has written and produced hundreds of hours of pod-cast audio drama.
Paul is the current treasurer of SpecFicNZ, the non-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing and supporting New Zealand genre writers of all ages and experience. Find us online at

Kat Oliver
Retail Advisory & Graphic Design

Jean Gilbert
Jean Gilbert
Youth Day Out
Four-time award-winning author Jean Gilbert moved from Virginia, U.S. to New Zealand in 2005, and has since called the Waikato Valley (the Shire) her home. Jean’s latest work, co-authored with William Dresden, is a modern YA fantasy called Light In My Dark, a tale of love, betrayal, and self-discovery. Jean’s science fiction novels: Shifters, Ardus, and The Vault from The Vault Agency Series are published by Rogue House Publishing. You can find her short story Blonde Obsession in Baby Teeth: Bite Size Tales of Terror published by Paper Road Press, and SJV short story finalist Pride in Contact Light Anthology. Jean works in close association with Alessi Films, writing screenplays for promotional advertising and television. Jean is also involved in mentoring young writers through nationwide writing competitions in coordination with Young NZ Writers called Write Off Line for Secondary students and Beyond… for Intermediate students. 

Jebraun Clifford
Jebraun Clifford
Onsite Liaison

Too short to be an elf and too tall to be a Hobbit, Jebraun Clifford lives in Rotorua surrounded by thermal activity, stunning lakes, and enough Redwoods to make her Californian heart swoon. She’s emceeing the masquerade ball and on the hunt for some truly clever limericks. GeyserCon will be her first SSF conference.

Lewis Morgan
Lewis Morgan
General Wrangler
Lewis Morgan has worked as a storyteller for the last 25 year, visiting New Zealand schools to tell stories and teach writing as Zebong Teller of Tales. He writes books, creates game systems, and has worked in a variety of professions from psychic to unicycle coach.
In addition to this he was a founding member of the Tamahere Officer’s Wargames Club, winner of the ASNZ Team Milsim 2018 and previous winner of the Toastmaster NZ Humorous Speech competition. These honours have have put him in good stead for his current projects; teaching literacy & numeracy to youth offenders and making movies with preschoolers.

Victoria Dreyer
Badge Maker & General Support
V. L. Dreyer is an international best-selling author from the wild back country of New Zealand. She is best known for her post-apocalyptic series, The Survivors, as well as the Immortelle series under her pen name, Abigail Hawk. Her earlier works include an assortment of graphic novels, short stories, blogs, and works of art, and her preferred genres are science fiction, post-apocalyptic survival, and romance – and sometimes all three at once.

Jan Butterworth
Jan Butterworth
Membership Coordinator
Jan keeps track of all the people who signed up to the con & am also in charge of finding prizes (or begging people for free stuff). Jan has been on the board of SFFANZ and the SJV sub-committee for years, as well as being involved with many NZ cons, so knows how to pretend she knows what she’s doing. Jan is also NZ Publisher liaison for ConZealand. She likes to read about elves, vampires, werewolves, magic and prefers the fantasy genre though will read almost anything. Jan would love to live in a world where you can read books and binge-watch TV all day while eating chocolate and cheese and never get fat. There must be cats and dogs there too.

Gary Freedman
Gary Freedman
Advisor, Guest of Honour Liaison
Gary has been on a number of previous NatCon committees, and was part of Au Contraire 2 team, and chaired Au Contraire 3. He’s a filker, and watches a lot of sci-fi TV. You’ll most likely find him hanging around the filking circle until things pack up each night. Feel free to chat with Gary about movies, shows, and games.

Chieanne Patten
Volunteer Coordinator

Chieanne Patten is a motivational coach and personal assistant, and has been a crazy Marvel fan since about 1984. An expert on superheroes, comics, retail and organization, she holds a Smithsonian Certificate on The Rise Of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture and enjoys helping people make the most of their time and talents. Chieanne volunteers in animal rescue and this thing we call GeyserCon.