All updates sent to members during the final month before GeyserCon!

GeyserCon Countdown: Arrival Details & Latest Updates
With just a few days to go, we wanted to let you know some details about arriving at Con, and some recent additions to the programme.

We do ask that you do your best to arrive early and be seated for the opening ceremony by 6.55pm on Friday, as we've got a jam-packed evening of entertainment, prizes and important announcements lined up and we don't want anyone to miss out! 
If you arrive between 7-9pm, please come on in to the opening ceremony. We'll open up registration again after it concludes.

GEYSERCON REGISTRATION is located just beyond hotel reception, in the direction of the lifts. Be sure to collect your goody bags and badges according to your registration type, and check out the signup sheets available for certain sessions such as the poetry slam, masquerade entries, and more!
Registration desk hours are Friday 12pm-7pm and 9-9.30pm; Saturday 8.30am-8pm; and Sunday 8.30am-12pm. We may also be able to help you outside these times - just ask someone with a ConCom badge.

DANCERS: If you've watched Alena's practice videos and want to take part in the opening night performance, please meet at 6.30pm on Friday in Totara for a runthrough. Wear any costume, or something shiny! (Links to the videos:,,,

BOARDGAMES: There will be a few games (along with crafts and colouring!) available in the Fireside area which is open for use from 11am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. 
Feel free to bring your own games - grab some people, play a round or two, then take your game with you when you're finished. 

GETTING THERE: If you are arriving at the airport, you can take a city bus to the i-site. From there, if you are a guest of the Holiday Inn you may call them on 07-348-1189 to get a free shuttle service, which picks up from the i-site at 15 minutes past every hour. Good to call a little in advance for this one! Otherwise, you can change to bus number 11 which also goes right by the Holiday Inn.

Check out the Carpool thread on Facebook for last-minute travel opportunities from various locations:

And here's the Shared Accommodation thread, if you'd like to save some money by splitting the cost of a room:

NEW ITEMS: We've just added these to the Programme section of the website, but the Con Book went to print already without them. 
Please give them your consideration when planning your weekend:
- JEWELLERY CRAFTING in Fireside 11am-5pm Sat & Sun, with Victoria Dreyer:
*Chainmaille for Fun & Fashion - Learn to make colourful pendants using the same techniques used to make medieval armour.
*Button Badge Making - Colour your own button badge and get hands on with a badge making machine to turn it into a permanent souvenir. 
*The Fabulous Upcycle - Learn to create gorgeous iridescent pendants using just a few simple household tools!
Lessons are casual and can start at any time between 11:00 and 4:00pm. The cost is $5.00 per piece including all materials, and you can take your finished piece home with you.
- WHAT'S UP IN 2020 - Saturday 9-9.30pm in Totara
We've got WorldCon coming up in 2020, but how will that mesh with our usual NatCon? Norman Cates explains the plan. 
- THE PHANTOM THIEF: An Illustrated History - Sunday 2-3pm in Kauri
How did Edgar Allen Poe influence Sailor Moon? What do Norse gods, Joan of Arc, and Lupin III have in common? Who was the real-life Moriarty? Learn the origin of the kaitou, Japan’s archetypal thief, from his birth in Gilded Age literature to his high-tech 21st century incarnations. Follow this truly international antihero’s development through history with examples from animé, manga, film, and literature. GoH Alena Van Arendonk
- FAN FUNDS: Sunday 4-5pm in Cascade
Lynelle Howell talks about Fan Funds, what's available, and why they are important. Come along and find out about this valuable community building programme and perhaps grab a bargain in the fund auction. 
Due to the lack of a confirmed bid for a Natcon 2020, we need to do a catch-up vote before moving on to the 2021 Bid. The closing ceremony will have a brief summary and the vote itself. To be fully informed for this vote, please attend one of Norman's other 2020 sessions or the SFFANZ AGM and ask any questions there.
The closing ceremony is also fully scheduled so we would very much appreciate if you could be seated by 6.55pm for this too.

GeyserCon Countdown: 8 Days Edition
Can you feel it in the air? Something's coming... it's nearly here!

We've got a few updates for you today as we all prepare to gather in Rotorua next week...

How to create stories out of strange items you come across...
If you'd like to pre-register and pre-pay for this 2-hour session, please reply to this email and let us know 1) whether you have a car with you and if so, how many passengers can you take, or 2) whether you will need a lift to the off-site portion of this session. The session is LIMITED TO 15 PLACES. You may also be able to sign up at the registration desk when you arrive, but we cannot guarantee this. So do it now!

GeyserCon encourages the wearing of costumes at all times - and especially at the Masquerade, where you can be up for some great prizes! We can't wait to see what you've got planned in the fashion department. Sign up on the sheet at Registration.

Due to recent events we do request that our attendees avoid wearing modern military uniforms. Costume weapons must not look realistic and are not to be wielded at any time that might be seen by the non-GeyserCon public, such as in the lobby or outside. Your props must be non-functional and unable to be mistaken for real weapons. We thank you for helping us to avoid frightening the good locals of Rotorua!

You'll all be wanting to know who won the draw for registering on time! Without further ado:
GEORGIA WHITWORTH gets the free weekend ticket!
And ANNEMARIE MEAD gets the book bundle from Phantom Feather Press!
Get in touch to let us know your details.

Speaking of books, did you know there will be SIX book launches at GeyserCon?
- The GeyserCon Book (free with your registration while stocks last!)
- Beyond Strange - A collection by Intermediate students
- Something Strange Happened in Rotorua - A collection by Secondary students
- It's a Small World by Emma Lamb (Youth Laureate)
- The Extinct by Xiaole Zhan (Youth Laureate)
- Earthcore Book 3: Aftershocks, by Grace Bridges
Look for them all in the Book Expo area in the hotel lobby!

That's it for today, but keep an eye out this weekend for one more update with various information on arrival and registration.

See you very soon!

GeyserCon Countdown: 15 Days Edition
Can you believe it? Two weeks to go! We can't wait to see you there. 

Just a few quick updates today, but look for more as we get nearer the event!

AUTHORS/MAKERS: Tomorrow, Friday 17th May, is the LAST day to get your books and other items registered for sale in our retail area that will run all weekend. You can send or bring the items later, but we need the information now. Check out the details at

Guest of Honour Alena Van Arendonk has provided the following instructional videos for this performance. If you have a few minutes, please do watch them - it's really not all that scary as we will just be BACKUP dancers while Alena and Laura do the more complicated stuff. Yes, WE - I'm considering giving it a go myself, and if I can do it, I bet lots of you can.

Video 2 (walkthrough) :
Video 3 (full, from front):
Video 4 (full, from back - great for practising!):

PRIZE PREVIEW: We've got a few pictures up of some of the prizes you can win at GeyserCon - Some just for being there! And yes, some are for dancing. Check it out at!


GeyserCon Countdown: 28 Days Edition
Just 28 days to go... here are some important updates on how you can help as the weekend draws closer:

DANCERS WANTED for an Opening Night skit with Guests of Honour Laura and Alena - Up to 6 people required - Wear your own costume, any theme, or something a bit fancy. Dance move training will be by online video, plus a super quick practice just before the Opening Ceremony on Friday 31st May. Are you in? Let us know by reply.

REGISTRATION UPDATE: Registrations have been slow this year, so we need YOU to find a friend and get them to sign up. Now is the best time - before Standard Registration at $65 ends on the 12th May at midnight. If you register and pay by then, you’ll go in the prize draw for a refund or an award-winning fantasy book pack. All Late Registrations, from 13th May onwards, will be $80. Don't let your mates leave it to the last minute! 

LAPTOP WANTED: to plug into a projector for Alan Baxter to plug in his Fight Scenes presentation on USB. Can you help?

DONATIONS REQUESTED: We currently have a budget shortfall and would super appreciate any additional contributions to GeyserCon's Kiwibank at 38 9019 0613588 00. Or even better, get a friend to sign up! Any surplus after costs will go to Young NZ Writers.

ROTORUA LOCALS/THOSE WITH CARS: Can anyone help with local transportation in the days surrounding the Con? Let us know if you're able to assist with pickups and dropoffs around town.

AUCKLANDERS: If you're driving a car from Auckland to GeyserCon and could help transport a few boxes of Con supplies, give us a yell.

THAT'S IT FOR NOW... Whew! Are you excited yet? Because you should be! We are!  We can’t wait to see you and your friends.