Safety & Harassment Policy

GeyserCon NZ aims to run a convention that nurtures and supports fandom, and the fan community. We’re all here for similar reasons, so the short form of this is: don’t do things which spoil other people’s enjoyment or safety, and don’t stand back and let other people spoil the enjoyment or safety of others.

Harassment of any variety is completely unacceptable. Harassment can be physical contact, verbal comments, or non-verbal actions. Taking or posting photos without the express consent of the subject or subjects of the photo also constitutes harassment. If you experience or witness it we would encourage you to talk to a member of the concom, or talk directly to one of our harassment liaison officers. We will announce them at the opening ceremony, and they will have badges to help make them identifiable, and their mobile number will be available on the con whiteboard. Reports can be made in the strictest of confidence, and will be dealt with quickly.

Whilst GeyserCon is a great opportunity to meet new people, respect that not everyone may be comfortable with every – or any – conversations, or you being in their personal space. If someone seems uncomfortable or is not responding to you, change the subject or move away, or if someone tells you explicitly to leave them alone, please respect their wishes.

If your behaviour breaches the harassment policy, we will take any appropriate action up to and including contacting the police to have you removed from the convention.

Like most other fan-run cons, GeyserCon is run on a limited budget. Nevertheless, we've done our best to keep prices affordable while bringing you exceptional programming. Please respect all equipment, buildings and facilities, and remember that we will be sharing communal areas with members of the public, including children.  

Our thanks to those who have worked on harassment policies for previous conferences. This text is loosely based on the policy adopted by Au Contraire III.

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